Genital Herpes Symptoms

Today, our life is a part of running world and with lots of competition. One more word adds to the former, and that is “disease”. You must have noticed by yourself or at least listened from elderly people that a number of diseases present among us today were, at a time, not a part of their life. Among these dangerously or mildly affecting diseases, one name is “Genital Herpes”. Today, one out of every six persons is affected by this disease, named, genital Herpes. But, the unfortunate fact is that nobody can help you with the solution. In US, it is the most frequent disease influencing almost more than half of the country. It has become so frequent that we considered it to be a matter of discussion. A discussion for those who are suffering from this disease and a discussion for those who are living in the danger zone of the same. As it is a contagious disease, it can transmit from one person to another by one or the other way. Now, the question arises- Is your partner affected by the disease? What if he is affected and you too get caught by genital herpes? herpexsimplex1-2About most of the worse or miserable conditions, we think that it’ll not happen to me, right?It’s not your mistake, it is human nature. But friends, thinking this will not make you safe. You’ll have to be aware of the same. And yes, if you are already suffering from the same, you will definitely be desperately searching for the solution. Well, today we are here to talk regarding genital herpes. Before starting about the same, I would like to suggest you to take it easy. I know it will be quite awkward for you to hear this statement. But friends, every disease can be treated or fight against only by a strong immune system and taking stress will surely suppress your immune system making it more and more weaker, losing its capability to fight the disease. So, stay calm and go ahead. Next, we are going to tell you about is what genital herpes and its symptoms are and about what makes it worse.

Facts about Genital herpes that you might be unfamiliar with

Let me tell you some facts about genital herpes that you are unfamiliar with. Genital Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that can be spread to one being sexually intimated with one having that. Most of the people get it without any symptom or sign of the same. We often ignore it assuming usual pimples or ingrown hair because it does not show any symptom in initial phases. That is how, most people affected by herpes do not even know about it and even that they have been caught by it. This article is for them who exactly want to know about the disease. If you are reading this, you can understand what I want to say. Isn’t it? So, let’s discuss about what virus is responsible for genital herpes spread.
Genital herpes is actually a common infection spread by herpes simplex virus (HSV).There are two types of HSVs- type 1 and type 2.

Types of Herpes that You Should be Aware of


Both of these are contagious and can be spread easily from one person to the other via direct contact. Type 2 is the HSV which is mainly responsible for spreading genital herpes. Genital herpes is usually transmitted by having sex (vaginal, anal or oral) with an infected person. The first time you are infected with herpes simplex virus, it is called primary herpes. After that, the infection lies in the body in the nerves nearby the skin. It generally remains in dormant (inactive) mode after first outbreak. In some people, it activates from time to time leading to the recurrence of blisters, but in others, it remains lazy. Even if someone with genital herpes doesn’t have any symptoms, it’s possible for them to pass the condition on to a sexual partner because, as mentioned earlier, it is a rapidly contagious disease.
It is actually a common condition, especially for those of 15-30 age groups. The reason behind the fact is that the people in this age range are sexually more active than other age groups. Hence, they are at the risk to catch genital herpes at a faster rate. Although there are prevention available for the same, but cure for herpes is still a part of research (cure is also available to a specified limit. Beyond that, it requires more research to be done). Apart from allopathic medicines, some of the natural or home remedies are also available for genital herpes cure, but people are unaware of them. You must know the treatments too, but here we are talking about the symptoms of herpes. This is because, if you want to cure some disease, at first you must know about its symptoms to understand the disease. Don’t you think so? Don’t you think that understanding a disease can make it easier for us to search the cure? If yes, further continuation is for you. Go ahead.

Natural Cure For Genital Herpes

herpesvirusGenital herpes sores mostly appear as one or more blisters on or around the genitals, rectum or mouth. These blisters break after sometime and leave painful sores that may take weeks to heal. The first time someone has outbreak he may also have to face fever, body ache and swollen glands. Then cycle of outbreaks start. Although, further outbreaks after the first one are not that much severe but infection remains in your body for the whole of your life span. Being incurable makes the disease worse. Herpes simplex virus can also enter through a cut or break in the ordinary skin on other parts of the body. In this way the virus can sometimes affect fingers, hands, knees, etc, if they are in contact with another person’s infected area. It is called a whitlow when it is on the fingers.
If you are a pregnant woman and having genital herpes, it demands more care. It becomes more important for you to go to prenatal care visits. The reason is that it can lead to miscarriage or premature delivery of the infant. In both of the cases, genital herpes can be proved to create a miserable condition for you. If your child gets delivered normally, he will be influenced for lifetime by deadly infection (neonatal herpes). This can make his survival tough. The condition becomes more dreadful when we come to know that unlike polio or any other diseases having vaccination, there is no vaccination too available for this. Herpes, if not cured or prevented, can be proved to be intolerable and even deadly for people with suppressed immune systems. Yeah, by giving you lots of mental stress as gift, it makes the condition worse. The blisters of genital herpes are filled of fluid which comes out of it at the time of outbreak of the blister. If the fluid gets touched, it can also influence the other parts of their body causing blisters on that area too. But, yeah, now you’ll be thinking……. How will it affect your life, right? Is it really going to influence you or people around you?
Well, not actually, but it will be definitely affecting your life to a considerable extent. Unlike other diseases, it is a disease that can virtually affect your mental state and lifestyle, by affecting you physically. Obviously, this is not a point to tell you that you will not be feeling confident or even comfortable. It will be intentionally or unintentionally affecting your presentation in front of others. This is type of disease treated unfair by most of the people around you and even by some physicians too. So, being influenced by it, you might be feeling shameful or embarrass for having it or even cursing yourself for having it to yourself. In other words, it can be responsible for you to feel humiliating too. If you want to know more about how to deal with herpes, visit

You can also visit to know about how living with herpes is difficult.

herpes1You will be shocked to hear that it can even get spread with a small kiss from the person affected by the disease. You must have heard that a small kid is denied to be touched so frequently. It is due to the fact that, the immune system of an infant is always very weak and it can’t fight against diseases, especially such a critical disease like genital herpes. If said frankly, the virus (HSV) causing this disease just requires a small minor medium to enter your body and of course, you can never blame anyone for this mis-happening. And after entering your body, forget about killing it, it will not even give you any sign or chance to catch it before getting completely influenced. The disease plays very well not to get detected. Do you know what the strangest part is?
Yeah, you are thinking right. It is that, this disease is out of the eyes of your immune system. They lie within our cells and to be more précised, they always remain near the nucleus of the cells. And of course, there are no proper treatment methods available on internet today. What makes it difficult for the proper treatment is the method of herpes virus to prevent itself from our eyes. This way actually keeps it out of the queue of other viruses, because they are at least visible to our immune system. Genital herpes affect both men and women very vigorously, but the effects seem to be different in both of them. What are these effects?
If we talk about the case of women, they usually experience lesions around the vaginal opening, in the vagina, around the anus or on the cervix. These lesions ulcerate and then become filled with fluid, which is accompanied by swollen lymph glands in the groin. The infection is usually active for six weeks and mostly painful. The risk of a women caught by genital herpes increases if she has not faced HSV-1 influence. Being already affected by HSV-1 infection can guard her saving from HSV-2 influence.

Genital Herpes: Symptoms,Causes & Treatments!

genital-herpesSo, here you can take a deep breath if you are already facing HSV-1 effects.
In men, who contract herpes for the first time, there are no symptoms or a brief period of discomfort while urinating. In more severe cases, they have small blisters that form open sores appearing on the top or shaft of the penis. This can create discomfort for approximately two weeks or even more. A burning sensation during urinating and clear discharge from the penis is common. The symptoms in men include lymph node enlargement, fever, tiredness and muscle aches during this period. Recurrences of the same can be preceded by itching, tingling or burning sensation on the penis one or two days prior to the visible blisters and sores. This is how, genital herpes affects severely and differently in both cases. In both of the cases, there is something common and very important to know, i.e. illness, poor diet, emotional or physical stress, friction in the genital area, prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, surgical trauma and steroidal medication may trigger a herpes outbreak. Genital herpes’ first visibility and effect is very long, but, it would be definitely great if we could get some permanent cure for genital herpes. But, this is not actually happening to us. We are still on the way to get a viable solution for the disease.

If you will go and search about herpes cure on internet,

Natural Cure For Herpes

natural-cure-for-herpesthere will be a combination of answers including positive and negative responses. It may give you some names of well-known medicines claimed to be a perfect cure for genital herpes. But, instead of giving some positive responses, they lead to gift us with some side effects like severe headache, rashes, vomiting, agitation, tiredness, fever and varieties of allergies etc. giving new reasons for more medication not only affecting our health but our pocket too. There are some home remedies also available regarding the cure for genital herpes, but none can be considered to make you and your life herpes free. But undoubtedly, the natural methods can surely be beneficial in reducing your pain and healing the sores of genital herpes which can make you feel far better than with disease and prevent their further reproduction stopping them from growing or transmitting.

Yeah, it is not a frequently discussed topic, but it is a topic of great concern. If ignored, it can completely influence your health, your career (indirectly) and your overall life. Here, we got some natural cure for you- “Coconut”.

coconutoilCoconut oil and herpes. Coconut oil has been considered an ultimate remedy for genital herpes curing it for good. It is said to be having some antiviral properties that can kill the virus reducing its effect on your body. Applying or consuming coconut oil will both give same result. Even coconut water can also be proved beneficial for you. There are a lot more natural methods to cure the genital herpes including readily available things and of course, with no side effect on both health and pocket. But, only willingness can make that happen. I mean to say that you need to be positive and stress free if you really want to be and remain herpes free.
There are a number of diseases influencing us today. The reason behind we decided to talk regarding genital herpes is that, it is one of the most severe diseases, to be more precise, invisible diseases, that will never let you live in peace. Almost all the other diseases can be treated permanently and effectively, but unfortunately, this can’t be. The better option is to remain safe and miles away from genital herpes. That’s why friends, I have mentioned every possible symptom of genital herpes over here in the article. Hope this is going to help you very efficiently in every manner. Now, I hope you are able to recognize your disease, if you are affected by the same. You should also go through this even if you are lucky enough not to be affected by it yet. This will be helping you in future to remain safe. Guys, no disease are more than your life. Your life is far more than genital herpes. So, I’ll say again and again to stay calm and stress free and let your immune system work effectively without getting any trouble. Yeah, you must continue with your search also, because, some day it will give you the best of your desire. Friends, don’t ever take the disease lightly as we always do, because it can lead to provide you with lots of losses. Along with all the searches and trials, one thing that you must keep in mind is cleanliness. Every viral or bacterial infection is somewhere and somehow related to filthy surroundings. Genital herpes is not exactly related to cleanliness for its occurrence, but the fact lies over here too for its growth. It can be proved to be deadly disease if not taken care of. Our lazy nature must not be shown over here in its treatment, because, if delayed, it can charge you unexpectedly. I am not trying to scare you with these words, instead, I am trying to make you aware of the disease. I personally cannot imagine a life with this disease. Can you imagine a life, healthy life, with such a virus that is almost invisible to everything? I bet, no. Hope, the article is going to help you in many ways to keep yourself out of the danger zone and remain safe. If you can prevent yourself from this virus entering your body or reducing its effect if already entered, you will indirectly be protecting others too.