herpes simplex virus

Herpes Simplex Virus 2 (HSV-2)

Herpes – A Contagious Skin Disease – Types Of Herpes

Herpes is a type of contagious infection that is caused by a family of virus. This family consist of two virus that are responsible for infection on different part of your body. Almost 45-60% people of the world population are affected with this virus and in upcoming decades, this percentage is likely to rise at an alarming rate. These virus are known to affect different part of your skin. It is a type of chronic disease that means it is a long term disease and it can keep recurring throughout your life.

herpes-types As discussed above there are two types of virus. Type one virus is called Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1 is a type of virus that generally affects your mouth and its surrounding area. Type 2 virus that we are going to discuss about is a type of virus that generally affects your genitals and its surrounding area. Type two virus also named as Herpes Simplex Virus 2 and also abbreviated as HSV-2. These virus can affect inner part of your vagina and its surrounding area, can affect penis and anus as well. This virus generally affects your genitals but it can also affect your mouth. Outbreak of this virus happens when :

Unprotected sex:

If you will have unprotected sex then you are most likely to have herpes infection. Herpes Simplex Virus 2 can also be categorized as Sexual Transmitted disease. So if you want to be safe of this virus then you should perform protected sex and for it nothing can be better than wearing a condom.

herpes partnersHaving multiple sex partner:

Having multiple sex partner may put you in danger of getting this virus more than anyone else. You even don’t know who is having what and if you get infected with any sexual transmitted disease then it will weaker your immune system.

Being feminine:

If you are a feminine then you are most likely to get this virus than that of a man. Many studies have shown that this virus generally attacks on female than that of a man.


Herpes Outbreaks – Symptoms And Remedies

These are some major reasons that cause outbreak of this virus. Now we will talk about its symptoms. Like type one herpes virus these virus also don’t show symptoms at its earlier stage. This virus can last forever in your body without showing any symptoms. Like type one virus this virus can also be in your body forever in idle condition but once these symptoms have arisen in you then these symptoms may keep coming in your body because it is a recurring infection. These symptoms may affect your psychological state of mind as well as it can affect you physically. Symptoms of this virus are redness on the skin – you will feel some red spots on your skin that can cause itching on your infected part, Painful Lesions – This is tiny fluid-filled lesions that causes home-remedies-for-herpeslesions. Lesions usually appear as set of tiny blisters on the infected part . Lesions can be painful and often causes itching on infected area. It can put you in depression as well as your sexual life will be affected by this virus. you may also feel pain in your vagina or at your penis. You may also be a victim of deep inferiority complex that often abet a person to take its life. In this condition people after think that this is a rare infection and why they were infected with this virus and this is the reason they get victim of inferiority complex. These are the symptoms that a person faces when they are affected with this virus. It is true that there is no known cure available for this virus but there are some home or natural remedies that helps a person to get cured. Although this virus is very stubborn and once this virus has entered in your body may remain in your body forever but still there is a hope in the form of medication that helps a person to get cured of this virus. Therefore instead of losing intent you should show an intent of winning the world. Just show a fighting skill towards the treatment of herpes virus and then you will feel that yes i can overcome of this virus.

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