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How to Recognize That It Is Herpes ?

Are you also a victim of herpes? How do you come to know that you have herpes? If you have cold sores on mouth and lips, chances are high that you are suffering from herpes but it is not compulsory that they’re the herpes symptoms, it can be canker sores.

herpes simplex virusHerpes is a sexually transmitted disease and any sexually active person can get this virus from his/her infected partner. Herpes is a very common disease as millions of people get infected with this. It can cause cold sores and fever blisters on the mouth, lips and genital parts of the body. Symptoms of herpes are different from person to person. Some people experience frequent outbreaks throughout their life while some people do not experience any kind of symptoms or outbreaks in their whole life. So, does it mean they do not have herpes? Of course not, they have herpes but due to their healthy lifestyle and sound immune system they do not experience frequent outbreaks.

Herpes Tests to Confirm Whether you are a Victim of Herpes or not

The question is, how someone gets to know whether he/she has herpes or not? Well, if you are experiencing cold sores, blisters and frequent outbreaks, you should take a test as soon as possible. Herpes test is the only way of getting know about herpes presence in your body.

Herpes Simplex Virus Test at Home

If you think you may have herpes, you can test for herpes at first on your own. First you need to examine cold sores carefully and try to see whether they have some type of fluid filled in them. You should look out for other common symptoms of cold sores. If you have herpes, the first sign is cold sores around your mouth, lips which include pain, fever, sore throat or swelling in your neck and other parts of the body. This will help you to know whether they are herpes symptoms or of any other diseases.

herpes testFor some people, cold sores can be very painful and some people have virus but don’t get cold sores. If you see all these symptoms, you should visit the doctor as soon as possible for instant herpes test. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease which can make people feel ashamed but trust me, it is not a matter of feeling ashamed and hesitate. Hesitation can make your problem more difficult. You should have a test and start the treatment soon. Leaving the condition untreated can cause serious problems. It is better to start the treatment fast instead of waiting for some miracle. Once you get herpes, it lives dormant in your nerve cells throughout your life and it is very difficult to get rid of them. Some treatment options can help you to give relief from pain, reduce occurrence of blisters and also reduce the itching and redness associated with cold sores.

The diagnosis of herpes is easier when the infection is still present. There are many herpes tests available which help you to know about your condition. One is testing the swab sample of fluid from the infected parts but if results come negative, that doesn’t mean you do not have herpes. Some other tests will be done to confirm that it is not herpes. Other tests include DNA test, Polymerase chain reaction, blood test and STD test which will give you accurate results. IgG herpes test is considered to be the most accurate among all. Click here to know details about IgG herpes test.

herpes testIf you get positive results, it means you have herpes and you should start the treatment fast. Prevention is the first step in order to manage your herpes symptoms. You should adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to strengthen your immune system which can help you to reduce the risk of frequent herpes outbreaks. There are many herpes antivirals in the market but they can give you side effects so, it is better to try holistic ways to treat your symptoms. Herbal remedies for herpes can help you a lot. They will reduce the occurrence of blisters, heal the infected parts as well as speed up the healing process.

If you want to live a peaceful life with herpes, take a herpes test and treat it without any hesitation. A delay of single minute can ruin your life. Do not waste your time in thinking or waiting for miracle, just take a step forward and make your life comfortable and happy even with herpes.

Watch this video to know simple and natural remedies for herpes.

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