khair-for-herpesOut of all the sexually transmitted diseases (STD), genital herpes progresses the most rapidly and if several recent reports and surveys are to be trusted, it is one of the most widespread STDs in the world. This is an eye opener for those who think God has chosen them for some sin they have done in the past and they alone have herpes. Now you can imagine how many herpes patients you meet daily without even realizing that they are infected. Yes, they hide the infection most of the times, but many times, they don’t even know that they are infected with herpes simplex virus. Nowadays, eight of ten people don’t even know they have the infection until after they consult a physician, meaning that these people risk transmitting the disease to their sexual partners. This is one of the most common problems that herpes patients have to go through. Despite the widespread status of the infection, there are more myths than reality in context with herpes.

Forget about the cure, but getting authentic information too is a big challenge. Don’t worry, here you will get to see the reality of herpes from too close and we will also introduce you to a natural healer that is said to cure herpes. Instead of just telling you that that khair cures herpes, or claiming that by using khair in herpes, you can get relief, we will try to give you a clear picture of what is khair and how it is beneficial in herpes. Also, we understand the entire struggle that a herpes patient has to go through. Besides the physical pain, Herpes can alter greatly life quality of those who have it. Misguided, lots of those who have the disease live their lives in shame, guilt and suffering. It is hence crucial to get authentic information and right guidance. Only then you will be able to get a holistic cure for herpes. So, we will try to give a way to live a life free from herpes, but it is possible only when you are able to kick it out of your brain.

Despite the impressive progress made in understanding the biology of the HSV virus as well as diagnosing and treating Herpes infections, a lot of questions concerning the pathogenesis and efficient therapy of the disease, remain unanswered. It is because removing the physical effect of the virus is one thing and taking it out someone’s mind is another. If you do not allow the virus to effect you mentally, you can easily lead a life free of all worries. So, by looking at how magnificently khair cures herpes, you will get motivated that we at least have an answer for our most irritating enemy. By the way, do you know what khair is? Have you heard the name before? If not, in the following section, we will introduce you to the tool with which you are going to fight with your enemy.



Scientifically known by the name Acacia catechu Willd. (Mimosaceae) and locally known as Khair, is a medium sized deciduous tree with crooked and forked trunk. It is grown in both natural and plantation forms in most of the parts of the country up to an elevation of 1300m above mean sea level. Khair is famous for its prominent history of medicinal uses following tradition medicinal system, and these days, the tree is gaining reputation because many scientific evidences favor the use of this tree in healthcare. Right from the root to leaves and flowers, almost every part of khair has some medicinal value and you will get benefitted by some or the other medicinal properties. We will in a short while see all the benefits of using khair in herpes. Traditionally, the decoction of bark mixed with milk is taken to cure cold and cough. The bark decoction is either alone or used in combination with opium to cure severe diarrhea. Katha or decoction of heartwood is applied in mouth and on tongue to cure mouth ulcer. It is also applied externally on ulcers, boils, skin eruptions and on gums as disinfectant. All this signals the use of khair in herpes cold sores, right? Yes, but khair cures herpes and curing not only means that the effect is confined to cold sores only. These were only a few of the medicinal properties and let us see how khair for herpes is the best possible treatment and how to use khair for herpes treatment.


Khair in herpes cold sores treatment


The first and biggest reason behind using khair for herpes treatment is that it is a natural solution for cold sores. Cold sores indeed are one of the most annoying symptoms of herpes. Only a herpes patient can understand the pain of waking up in the morning and noticing those cold sores again on his face. All your plans, meetings or outings will flash in front of your eyes, and you will sadly lock yourself inside your house. This is perfectly understood, but where are the antiviral ointments at this time? Why should one choose khair for herpes and cold sores instead of antiviral topical creams?

Because you can see you soft skin getting dried, blackened or sometimes you will feel acute irritation. These outputs are likely to bother you if you use the ointments for a long time. I know all these claims are very easy to be made, but when it comes to treating cold sores, everyone has to turn towards antivirals, drugs and chemicals only. Well, this was past and from today onwards you will never ever use the harmful chemicals on your skin. You can use khair for herpes cold sores treatment because it not only has a strong antiviral effect, but also is an excellent disinfectant. The skin on and around the cut is wide open, and hence it is an invitation to many bacteria, fungus and even viruses. The chances of infection in the cuts or wounds are pretty good in deeper cuts as well. Khair for herpes cold sores can help you by preventing these infections. This natural product has the capabilities of saving you from almost all the pathogens and micro organisms. So, read ahead and get to know how you have to use khair in herpes to get rid of cold sores quickly.

Delay herpes outbreaks with Immunity enhancing effect of khair


Khair for herpes is the best possible alternative that herpes patients have right now. In fact, it can be used in almost every health related problem as it has direct impact on the immunity of humans. Immunity is the strength of humans with which they can fight off all the diseases and khair for herpes raises immunity. So, you can say that instead of fighting with every single disease individually, khair creates a barrier for all of them. Isn’t it wonderful? Of course it is, and this is the magic of khair for herpes. By raising the immunity of your body, you will give fewer chances to the herpes simplex virus to replicate and by this living a herpes outbreak free life is also possible. Can’t we now relax as we know how khair cures herpes? Yes, we should relax, but only after knowing the entire process of how to use khair in herpes treatment.



There are two ways you can use khair in herpes- orally and topically. To enhance the immunity and live your entire life free of herpes outbreaks, you have drink the tea made up of the leaves of the tree. The leaves of khair have been proven for benefits and health enhancing effects and they have also been tested for safety. So, you can drink the extract of the leaves or tea prepared by the leaves of khair in herpes.

In addition to this, we have also told you that khair can be used in dealing with cold sores. Yes, you can use it as a replacement to any topical ointment you have been using all this while to get rid of cold sores naturally. This is going to save your skin from several side effects of the ointments loaded with chemicals. To deal with the cold sores in herpes using khair, you have to apply the extract of the tree on the cold sores.

Herpes makes living a happy life impossible, and till today, there was no way out to get rid of it permanently once the herpes simplex virus enters into your body. Was there no solution? Solution definitely was there in the form of natural khair, but not where all of us were searching for. You can get control over herpes as well as cold sores but not the way you are fighting. Try to give it a tough fight one last time with khair in herpes and see the difference. I am saying one last time because once you use this natural product, you will not have to look for another treatment for herpes. So, go ahead and give nature a chance to let you body feel normal and live normally by getting rid of herpes with khair.

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